Ever wondered what’s the key to happiness? It turns out you don’t need more money, you just need more sleep!   The Living Well happiness index, developed by Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research in the UK, has found that sleep has the strongest association with a person’s happiness and wellbeing – well above […]

Are You Ruining Your Chances of Good Sleep Before You Even Lie Down?

Trouble falling asleep? You might have one of these five common bad bedtime behaviors. Learn how to kick the habit and get back to sleep with these tips. You’re tired of being tired. We get it. Plenty of people notice the effects of poor sleep – everything from inability to concentrate to irritability to weight […]

It’s Common to Feel Extra Sleepy during Spring

You’ve probably heard of people becoming more tired in the winter. But it’s possible to experience spring fatigue too. The Biggest Problem Isn’t the Calendar – It’s the Clock. Daylight Saving Time is the biggest culprit in causing spring fatigue. While most of us adjust within a day or two, others struggle longer. According to a study […]

Your Favorite Sleep Position Could Say a Lot about You

If you’re born under the sign of Taurus, you’re likely to be determined. (Okay, stubborn.) And if you’re the only child, you’re probably independent. (Okay, selfish.) But do you know what your sleeping position says about your personality? Research has found that the body language you have in your sleep often relates to personality traits you portray […]