Can Too Much Homework Hurt Teens’ School Performance?

Students have complained about homework for generations. Be honest. You probably made a gripe or two yourself in high school. As it turns out, teens actually do have a real problem with it. While there is evidence that doing schoolwork outside of the classroom leads to academic achievement, the Better Sleep Council found that high […]

Don’t Let Your Summer Vacation Sabotage Your Sleep

“I need a vacation from my vacation.” Sound familiar? Whether you’re heading to Rio or Mount Rushmore, your summer vacation could sabotage your sleep. Jet lag, your hotel room, even alcohol can cheat you of deep, restful slumber and leave you feeling less than refreshed. Happily, our tips for a more restful vacation will have […]

Refresh Your Bedroom Before You Reset Your Clocks to Daylight Saving Time.

Out with the old, in with the new. Spring is the season for renewal. But it’s not limited to the daffodils blooming and bluebirds chirping outside. Now is a great time to freshen things up inside too, by giving your sleep space a makeover with some bedroom spring cleaning. Why Spring Calls for a Seasonal […]

How To Sleep Well The Night Before You Go On Holiday

While counting down to a break away is great, the excitement, anxiety and stress of jetting off on a long-awaited holiday can take its toll on your sleep – especially the night before. When you’re stressed or excited your body produces more cortisol and adrenaline which raises heart rate meaning you may find it harder […]

How to Beat the Heat and Sun for Better Sleep

Hello, summertime. What makes this season so enjoyable – warm temps and more daylight – can have a downside: It can keep you from sleeping well. That goes for your kids too. Make the most of the season by following these sleep tips for summer. Bonus: You’ll feel more energized to tackle that summer bucket list. Now, […]